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    聯合創始人兼首席執行官     Arman Atoyan

    Arman Atoyan is a serial entrepreneur, technologist and AR & VR evangelist.

    He is founder and CEO of X-TECH, award winning technology service provider company with clients base PHI, JTI, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, American Express etc.

    He is co-founder a number of innovative startups including ARLOOPA, CityBugs and AdLooker.

    Feeling the emerging global trend towards AR & VR, he co-founded ARLOOPA in 2014.

    ARLOOPA is AR & VR development startup with its own cloud based Augmented Reality platform and 25 VR mobile and PC games. ARLOOPA AR platform empowers digital marketing agencies, brands and e-Commerce sellers to connect deeply with their consumer base and brings their brands to life.

    CityBugs was created as social platform in 2012 to help citizens make their cities a better place to live in, in 2016 platform got investment and now focusing on european market.

    AdLooker is AR and VR advertising platform created in 2017 to help monetize AR & VR earley stage content and help brands to build immersive advertising experiences, he was invited to join as co-founder.

    Arman and his projects got various awards and recognitions from local and international organizations, such as NASA, Microsoft, GITI and others.

    Arman holds MA degree in Mathematics from Yerevan State University.

    Outside his business Arman is a strong advocate for education and social responsibility and participates as a mentor to early stage companies across a number of technology verticals. Arman is also co-founder of AR & VR Club Armenia, IT Club, orgonizer of Space Apps Challenge Armenia.

    He dreams to make AR-MENIA great again.

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