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    首席執行官     蔡杜詩

    Cyril Tuschi is a prize-winning filmmaker-turned-VR-enthusiast and entrepreneur.

    Cyril started his career by directing music-videos and commercials and then turning to fiction-film. For his Kafka-adaption ?Nightland“ he won the New York-Filmacadmey-prize in the Panorama program of the Berlinale, as well as the audience-award at the filmfestival of German film in Mannheim for the roadmovie ?Sommer Hunde S?hne“ and then main prize of the Munich Documentary Filmfestival for his polit-thriller ?Khodorkovsky“.

    Since Cyrils background is feature-film, he focuses on extending classical great film-adventures into the VR-world, by co-developing VR-experiences with filmstudios, in order to create PR-synergies for filmreleases, as well, as contributing wonderful and cinematic moments in VR multi-player environments.

    Cyril is a stern defender of social and multi-player VR. With his Company You-VR he is now fully immersed in creating a unique VR-content-ecosystem called VONDERLAND - to build a bridge between classical film and multi-sensory and multi-person VR-experiences.

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